Let’s talk about #goals. Everyone has them. Some are bigger than others, but every goal is so important. I was speaking to someone today about what I have learned about myself this past year, and at the core of everything is that I simply cannot accept the limits placed on myself or anyone else. Getting through something like this has shut up that voice of self-doubt in my head in a big way. What if I’m not smart enough? Well, I know I can work harder than anyone else to get to something I want. I didn’t consider myself weak before this accident, but I wouldn’t say I felt strong either. But now, I know I am.

So, at this point last year my idea of #goals looked quite different from what it is now. All I wanted was to be able to walk myself to go pee in the middle of the night and NOT have to wake my mom up to make sure I didn’t fall on my way to the bathroom. Or to be able to sip out of a cup without it dribbling down my chin (still a challenge). Or to be able to tap my left foot in time to a beat. Today, my #goals include: passing calculus, surviving (and thriving in) organic chemistry, graduating college, and making it out of bed in time for my classes. There is not a single doubt in my mind about the certainty of tomorrow, nor do I have to question whether or not I am physically able to make it through each day.

I have learned that there really isn’t much use in setting limits for myself before I have actually tried, because this year has shown me that you truly just never know. This is not to say that ‘anything is possible’…the fact that I’m half-deaf means that I will most definitely never win American Idol, and I don’t think pigs are any closer to flying than they were when that saying came around. What I mean is, why live in the “what-if-I-fall?” place rather than the “what-if-I-fly?” place? If I can climb this mountain, surely anyone else is capable of a whole lot more than they are currently giving themselves credit for. Sorry for the hashtag when I say #goals. When I say it out loud, that’s what goes through my head. I know, it’s excessive.

A year ago yesterday, I came home from inpatient rehab, and was officially done with hospital stays. I was unhooked from every machine, but still had a long road ahead of me. Thank you to my amazing family for putting up with me, and my incredible friends for keeping me entertained. I think my greatest accomplishment last summer, just short of re-learning how to walk, was finishing all of Grey’s Anatomy in 3 months.

2 thoughts on “#GOALS

  1. Love your blog Amber! I will be applying your “What if I fly” metaphor every single day. Thanks for the the reminder. It is so easy to forget and yet you are so right. You are truly flying and an inspiration. You always have been. The key to achieving your goals is perseverance. You have the drive, intelligence, and fortitude to achieve your dreams, of that I have no doubt. Sending love ❤️!


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