It’s been 3 weeks since I popped that bottle of champagne. 3 weeks since my dream was affirmed. I still haven’t wrapped my head around the idea that I’ve been accepted to medical school- that someone, somewhere, thinks I’ll make a good doctor. I’ve been trying to prove this for so long, this almost feels like the universe calling my bluff. Since I believe all of my own selling points, getting into medical school has not felt like a surprise, but more like winning an argument.

Finally, finally, I’ve persuaded someone to see my potential according to my own view. It feels like I have been talking about this moment, this opportunity, for so long. Now that it’s here, I am humbled and overwhelmed by the magnitude of what this means. It means I have many years of studying and sleepless nights ahead of me; but it also means that I have so many opportunities to impact real people ahead of me. I’ll contribute to the real healing of real patients, something I’ve only been able to discuss previously as a hypothetical.

In every sense of the word, this is a dream come true. However, I have a problem with the word ‘dream’ because it denotes something far-fetched, maybe even impossible. But this day was never impossible, it was always going to happen. There were times when it felt farther away than I was able to continue, but it never felt like the wrong path for me. The relief that someone out there agrees, is unexplainable.

Even greater than my relief and excitement, is my gratitude for everyone who has contributed to my journey to this moment. From the nurses and physicians who kept me alive after my accident, to my advisors who helped me prepare for my interviews, this day would not have come without the help of every single one of you. The thing that stands out to me most about that day three weeks ago is just the sheer volume of people that came to my mind to thank. If you didn’t hear from me that day, it wasn’t because you aren’t important, I was just overwhelmed. Consider this post my thank-you note.

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  1. Dear Amber, Thank you for letting me know of your good news! You have worked so hard for this and I’m so incredibly thrilled for you and more than proud to know you. You have much to celebrate this Holiday Season!! Sending you good thoughts for your journey ahead and lots of love xo Lynn


  2. Amber, We heard the good news awhile ago, but didn’t get a chance to say “Congratulations!” We are so very proud of you, and wish you the best of everything. You certainly deserve it. Lots of Love, Grammy and Grandpa Dimick


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